Group lore 2017


When putting together your own lore for your group, there are some things to keep in mind.

First is sticking to frames listed earlier in this document and in related pages of the rules. Chief among them is Background you choose to work with.

Next is the condition we have to create or groups after to make a shared world.

Because we need to create a shared foundation to build or stories from, and if everybody have stories about how they control the same named town, and have hundreds of people and resources, then the fiction collapses. So every group needs to remain within the following frames.

  • Population in excess of those present can’t be larger than 40 people.
  • Areas controlled can’t be more than a couple of buildings and the area close around in cities. Small communities with 10-20 houses is also an option.
  • All communities North of Germany are struggling. 
  • We however encourage players to be a part of Sunfall, and build their stories here instead of somewhere else.

Exceptions or add-ons can be made in dialogue with the game design group.

The North

Everything is going to hell, especially the last year has been going downhill.

The weather has gotten worse, plants are dying and the further north you travel the worse it gets.

The changes has cost many lives and triggered and wandering south.


The Pearl of the North they call it.

People have come and gone, but now with the great wandering and the Trinity taking control, is become the only open and stable place in the north.

The people fleeing from the north, often stop here to rest and trade before they continue south or settle in.


Combat Rules 2017

Combat Rules pr rulebook page 65-75

- Edit to “Deadly hit”.
A Deadly hit has to be stated by the character performing the act. This is to ensure that deadly hits are only performed with true intention of killing another’s character.

Saying “Die Asshole!” while firing at a person bleeding on the ground would be one such act.

Fighting in the City

Fight might occur for many reasons. Often for control of territory or struggles over disagreements.

Common to all of them is that knives and bats are the preferred weapons of fighting inside the city.

Sometimes a person will escalate the situation by bringing a pistol, but everybody knows this will bring the Sheriffs into the action and carry a harsh penalty.

Because of this, its not uncommon for groups to agree to meet outside of the city to deal with their affairs.

Fighting outside the city

Outside Sunfall a group can bring their full might to bear, big guns, armors and hired mercenaries are all a stable in these kind of actions.

Many even hire the medics to go out there from the get go.
Off course fighting outside the city also attracts all kinds of scavengers.