Game Masters

The game masters will be present at the larp, running the things behind the scenes. If a player needs a talk about their game or help to get going they are open for a talk.

Some players will be used to experiences where a GM stands at a happening telling what is going on or facilitating a medical research, we aim to eliminate the need for GM’s for that kind of play.

Are you doing medical experiments as part of plot, then there is a NPC you doing it with or on and they will explain what is going on if the need arises.
However the game should be “what you see is what you get”.


Raiders are just that, Raiders, as a rule they are not looking for a fight, but for easy pickings.

Don’t expect to be facing Raiders or other NPC’s in battle. This is not to say it can’t happen, but mostly we want the experience to be like a hold up where the better armed group robs the others, this is also enforced by the combat systems simple brutality.

However if you see a group looking like cannibals and other murderous bastards it’s quite possible they will try to capture and kill your characters.


Engaging NPC’s

We will be running with some cool groups of NPC’s for different tasks.

They are there to help the world come alive, challenge your moral or tell some stories. They are also people and like to have fun, be good to them and they will be good to you.

The NPC’s also have the capability to storytell certain situations. NPC’s will also help storytell situations, eliminating the need of a present GM.


In the post apocalyptic world, the need to scavenge is very real. In this age what is scavenged is mostly from unlucky wastelanders or other people’s hidden stashes. This is always conducted outside of the city and carries consequences.


Everybody is radiated in this world and keeping check of the radiation is part of the everyday life of everybody.

It’s a great motivator to explore, learn and engage. Meds are readily available to steady prices.

It’s important to understand that the meds are economic drivers, and that there is enough for day-to-day needs.