Practical 2017

Boesdal Kalkbrud - Denmark Boesdalsvej 9, 4673 Roedvig, Stevns


Date and timetable


??:?? - Check in & setup for players


??:?? - Check in & setup for players

??:?? - Briefing and workshop

??:?? - ??:?? Game time


??:?? - ??:?? Game time


??:?? - ??:?? Game time


??:?? - ??:?? Game time

??:?? - Game ends - debrief and clean up

Appr. ??:?? - AFTERPARTY


??:??-??:?? - AFTERPARTY

??:?? - Cleanup of the setting and your own camps

??:?? - Cleanup ended and players can go home.**

* Food first date?

** When the cleanup is complete, then everybody can go home. So help out your fellow man/mutant

Camp Booking

At Sunfall all groups (Even if you are 1 person in your group) have to book their areas. 

To this purpose there will be an overview map of what can be booked. From there the group proceeds to the booking form and signs up.

Each group can book one square of 3x3 meters per 3 members in their group.

Do you have special needs because of a shop or the like, then please contact us to make an agreement on this.

There will be three overall living areas that are thematically subdivided.

  • The Pyramid
  • “Zone 1” (outside) 
  • The off-game sleeping area.


To book a camp spot, you need to sign-up here:
Then you will recieve a camp booking document explaining the process.

If you haven’t booked an area, we assign one to you are our preference.

Setting up

You can arrive and setup from Date from ??:?? to Date at ??:??.

All camps should be ready to go ingame Date at ??:??.

When you arrive, you need to check in your team and team members, before entering the game area.

It ́s not possible to drive into the Warehouse, so please bring some wagons or something to transport your loot.


Parking is done in the parking lot next to the quarry. No parking cars in the quarry or at the neighbours house, and keep the road open. 

Vehicles in the in-game area are not allowed.

Player Area

This year we have decided to move the off-game area outside quarry.

This means a lot more area to explore and play in. With off-game areas like the Gamemaster bunker, toilets and the off-game sleeping area remaining close, but out of the way for the game.

Pyramid goodnight time

The pyramid has some interesting acoustics. This means that its hard to get sleep in their if the noise level is loud.

Because of this we are instituting low noice times in the pyramid, where activities, any electronic sound/music ect. will have to shut down.

This is from 2:00am to 8:00am each night.

Keeping the area clean

As players you are responsible to remove everything you bring to Boesdal from Boesdal again.

If you buy something in-game, this also becomes your responsibility to make sure it leaves Boesdal when Sunfall is over.

The cleanup

The scenario is going to generate a huge amount of garbage, and everybody will help get rid of it when we’re done.

After the scenario we sort the materials thoroughly and throw them in the containers that are set aside for it – we do not leave the area until the garbage is gone.

NOTE: It is your own responsibility to remove any trash, materials or loot you bring along – these items do not go in the dedicated Sunfall trash containers so you’ll need to take them with you when you leave.

A cleanup plan will be announced prior to the scenario and it is expected that everyone participates.

Should you need to leave the scenario early you must notify us, so we can plan accordingly.

Your ??? DKK camp deposit will be transferred 1-3 workdays, upon completion the cleaning and clearance from a location checker.

If you do not participate in the cleanup, then you won’t get your deposit back.

Everyone will get a piece of the public areas to clean and a description of how to do it.

This means that you as a player are expected to contribute tearing Sunfall down on the cleanup day and help sort the trash.

It’s going to go easy and painless when everyone lends a hand.

We begin the cleanup Saturday before the Afterparty and continue Sunday.

It means that you as a player are expected to contribute tearing Sunfall down on the cleanup day

and help sort the trash.

It’s going to go easy and painless when everyone lends a hand.

We begin the cleanup Saturday before the Afterparty and continues to Sunday.


At the event, we accept three kinds of trash. Organic garbage (foodstuffs etc)

- During the event there will be containers for organic garbage. And organic garbage only!

Metal garbage (Soda/beer cans, not your gear)

- There will be can crushers at the the bar.

- We are only accepting cans from food, beer and sodas.

If you bring your own garbage-bags, remember that they MUST be see-through.

Bottle deposit

- if you don t want the deposit for your cans and bottles, then we would like them. ́ - Make a bag in

your camp, only for them and turn them in at the trash room.

Anything else?

Any other kind of trash must be gathered and removed from the location by you and your group.

Opening hours for dumping garbage

You can deposit your trash at the containers by the toilets, on game days between ??:??-??:??

There will be one of the Sunfall crew onsite to check that it is sorted correctly.


It’s a player responsibility to figure out food. We are working on setting up deals with food providers, but nothing is settled yet.

If you want to create a food provider for the game please don’t hesitate to contact us.

When cooking yourselfs there will be restrictions on where fire can be made. More info on this will come later, but the pyramid is a no go zone.


In nearby Rødvig there is a small local store where basics can be bought. Are you looking for a bigger selection or building supplies Store Hedding is the place to go.


There will be bars present at Sunfall, exciting places to explore and have chill drinks.

The bars are part of the game and we want to see play at them. The bars themselves also put effort into making the experience in-game.

The Primary bar is located in Kridthuset and are subject to their own opening hours. The Spill is located inside the pyramid.

Payments in the bars is done with off-game money.


Two things offers control Rad-eX and having the equipment to bully others.

Nobody competes on Rad-eX due to the monopoly, so it’s an arms race. One that is lead by the Sheriffs. They however only take care of their own business and are renowned mercenaries that might be hired to do other jobs.

Most areas are in one way or another under the control of some armed group, skirmishes happen for turf, but lethal methods are frowned upon inside the city.

Everybody knows a good clubbing works better anyway.

Should a group choose to use guns in the city the Sheriffs will step in and impose sanctions ranging from confiscating guns to punishment by death.

Wet and Cold

We are in Denmark and our sommers are notoriously fickle with the weather. So bring in-game options to protect yourself from rain.

There is also a lot of wind around Boesdal so make sure to bring warm clothing for the evenings, and have tent and sleeping gear that can keep you warm.

Building Materials

Players are allowed to build Here is a list of the  approved materials that can be used for building and decorations in the Pyramid.

  • Rør og 12 mm kalkpuds
  • 5 mm asbest-cellulosecementplade
  • 5 mm asbest-silikatplade
  • 8 mm asbest-cementplader
  • 13 mm gipsplader
  • 9 mm MK godkendt tryk brandimprægneret krydsfiner
  • 22 mm sammenpløjede ru savskårne eller høvlede brædder
  • 9 mm spånplade med rumvægt på mindst 600 kg/m3
  • 9 mm træfiberplade med rumvægt på mindst 600 kg/m3
  • 9 mm krydsfiner med rumvægt på mindst 500 kg/m3
  • 15 mm sammenpløjet ru, savskårne eller høvlede brædder
  • 3 mm asbest-cellulosecementplade
  • 3 mm asbest-silikatplade
  • 9 mm gipsplader
  • 6 mm MK godkendt trykbrandimprægneret krydsfiner
  • 9 mm sammenpløjede, trykbrandimprægnerede ru, savskårne eller høvlede brædder


The info-desk will be located in near the toilets. Here you can always find a member of Game Design who can help you with questions, suggestions and concerns. If you for any reason feel uncomfortable talking to the Game Designer on duty, you can always ask to talk to someone else.

You will never be asked to justify why. If you need another Game Designer than the one on duty, there might be a bit of waiting time. This is to make sure that you can feel safe and always can find a Game Designer who can help you, no matter your concern.

Exclusion from the scenario

Reckless behavior, disregarding the code of conduct, being too drunk, a danger to others or purposefully ruining the game for other players, will result in a permanent ban from the event without any refunds. This includes sexism, racism, ableism and any kind of boundary breaking behavior.


There will be an after party Saturday in Kridthuset, with the Bar. It’s gonna be epic fun! But to make sure, that we all have fun it s important that you all help to make it a great party. ́

Be drunk, be happy, but don't get wasted – and remember we’re all cleaning up on Sunday.


We point out that you are not covered by any insurance at the event, by Sunfall.

Please be check that you have an accident insurance that are covering 24/7.

Contact information

Before the 3th of July you can mail us at

After this date you can visit our practical camp near the toilets where one from the organizer team will help you.

We reserve the right to changes and typos.