Sunfall wasteland, 10 - 15 July 18

The next Sunfall will take place 10-15 July 2018.


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Musicon, Rabalderstræde.
Roskilde, Sjælland, Denmark.

Video from Sunfall event 2015

Video from last event in Bøsdal Kalkbrud 2015.

The Sunfall Wasteland world

Postapocalyptic future

Sunfall takes place in a post-apocalyptic future modelled on Earth.

What the “Great Fire” (as it is referred to by the survivors) exactly was, is not really important – and most of the inhabitants of the “New World” do not know.

Whether it was a nuclear strike, the total collapse of the economic system, an atmospheric disaster, meteorite impacts, deadly epidemics or a combination of them all that brought about the “Ground Zero” conditions, is relatively unimportant, because only the end result matters.

The complete destruction of civilization as we knew it.


The major theme of the game is giving you a feeling how it would be to live in a world that has collapsed and resources are Inadequate, and other want what you want.



1 week 1 day ago

Our friends are insane!
Once more an epic creation from Stickweeds Arts and Crafts featuring Joel Anderson riding the ... creation? We sure love it, and are looking forward to seeing it in action!


1 week 5 days ago

Epic post-apocalyptic religion!

Credit to Onkel Krig.


1 week 5 days ago

Are you in shape for all the fighting, running and partying at Sunfall? We at the organizer team are definitely not, therefore we have started exercising. :O


1 week 6 days ago

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