Sunfall wasteland, 10 - 15 July 18

The next Sunfall will take place 10-15 July 2018.


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Musicon, Rabalderstræde.
Roskilde, Sjælland, Denmark.

Video from Sunfall event 2015

Video from last event in Bøsdal Kalkbrud 2015.

The Sunfall Wasteland world

Postapocalyptic future

Sunfall takes place in a post-apocalyptic future modelled on Earth.

What the “Great Fire” (as it is referred to by the survivors) exactly was, is not really important – and most of the inhabitants of the “New World” do not know.

Whether it was a nuclear strike, the total collapse of the economic system, an atmospheric disaster, meteorite impacts, deadly epidemics or a combination of them all that brought about the “Ground Zero” conditions, is relatively unimportant, because only the end result matters.

The complete destruction of civilization as we knew it.


The major theme of the game is giving you a feeling how it would be to live in a world that has collapsed and resources are Inadequate, and other want what you want.



1 day 15 hours ago

Dear survivors

Many of you is curious about the electricity in Solaris.
As in any post apocalyptic city the electricity is not stabile and it’s not for everyone.

At Sunfall Solaris only the camps with lightning or any other given game design effects will be provided electricity.
So if you want electricity to charge you’re phone or hot water for you’re morning coffee you need to find another way.

But if you want electricity for your band, build a movie theatre or a coffee shop. Write us and we will do what we can to give your team the power you need.


1 week 1 day ago

After the destruction that tore through our world, survivors quickly started to rebuild from the ashes of old. Angel Falls rose in what once was Germany, becoming a huge living and breathing city, tying together all the new settlements forming in Post-Europe.

To the north we find the Industrious vault of Nova, located in the region of Hell-Sinnor. Old as the legends of the fall, not much about its origins are known, but none is really needed. Combining a resource rich area, with small amounts of surviving Machine-Smith technology, the vault became a filthy rich place. Now under control of Blue Oil, not many are allowed in the mysterious vault.

To the south we find Sunfall the jewel of the north, much smaller than Angel Falls, but for the people of Danhairgm, this city was the hub from which all wealth spread to the rest of the country. Now covered in mystery and complete radio silence,no news has come from the once vibrant city. What little is known of the events have been pieced together, sorting through the stories; a violent toxic storm was heading for Sunfall, which in turn caused a mass migration to the havens closest, ready for a swift return to life well known. This mass exodus left Sunfall at its most vulnerable ever, unfortunately news of this travelled fast and raiders swooped in and tore the few defendants apart, creating a new stronghold for themselves not caring of the radiation seeping through the region, left in the footstep of the storm.

But a new place has emerged in Danhairgm, quickly rising from ashes to become a full-fledged phoenix. Solaris is the vault that was unknown until 10 years ago, perfectly placed between Sunfall and Nova, traders, criminals and all other forms of life have quickly moved to this new diamond in the rough. These “old” residents blending with the people from Sunfall, who sought temporary haven in Solaris now stuck, with what riches and gear they could manage to carry, some better off than others. Life as it always has starts anew, with dreams being built on the frailty of hope, hope that maybe this city can be different, this city can be the Phoenix of the North – Solaris.


1 week 5 days ago

Bjarni from The spill is talking about spatial design. Come join us tonight..


1 week 5 days ago

‼️⚠️ Reminder ⚠️‼️

The workshop and party is tonight!

Hey survivors and other amazing people

We are ready for the first SunFall18 workshop where everyone is welcome. We will present the event for 2018 and how to build an awesome camp.

19:00 to 19.30. Information and Overview of the scenario. What will you experience, how does the game area look like and how do we want to use it.

19.30 to 19.45 Pause.

19:45 to 22:00 Camp Talk.
How can you build a good looking camp? We have booked some awesome people that will show and tell a bit about how they have done it and what they have learned in the process. So hopefully we will all learn a thing or two.

After the workshop, we will mingle and party.

The event is free and you can buy alcohol in the bar.

So join us for a creative day, in company with other Post Apo Lovers and make it a night that will go down in SunFalls history.