Game designers

The game designers will be present at the larp, running it behind the scenes. If a player needs a talk about their game or help to get going they are available for a talk.


Everybody is radiated in this world and keeping check of the radiation is part of the everyday life of everybody.

It’s a great motivator to explore, learn and engage. Meds are readily available to steady prices.

It’s important to understand that the meds are economic drivers, and that there is enough for day-to-day needs.


Combat rules

Combat Rules pr rulebook page 65-75

– Edit to “Deadly hit”. 
A Deadly hit has to be stated by the character performing the act. This is to ensure that deadly hits are only performed with true intention of killing another’s character.

Saying “Die Asshole!” while firing at a person bleeding on the ground would be one such act.

Fighting in the city

Fight might occur for many reasons. Often for control of territory or struggles over disagreements.

Common to all of them is that knives and bats are the preferred weapons of fighting inside the city.

Sometimes a person will escalate the situation by bringing a pistol, but everybody knows this will bring the Sheriffs into the action and carry a harsh penalty.

Because of this, its not uncommon for groups to agree to meet outside of the city to deal with their affairs.