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F.A.T.E. events Germany

FATE is a LARP event
FATE is a LARP event, which takes place in Germany in a post-apocalyptic genre. In a “New World” after the sinking.

Since the fall of 2007
It is organized on a regular basis since the fall of 2007 and forms a continuous LARP campaign.

The Post-Apocalypse periode they call “Retrokalypse” which especially distinguished black humor by the strong reference to the style and technology of the 40s-60s and a dash of.

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Time and place
The event take place: xx.xx.2018 to xx.xx.2018.
Location and maps asap.

The danish team
We are a big team from Denmark takes along to the game.

The danish house
We have a common house where there is power, dry and warm sleeping space, the possibility of joint food and a group that backs you up into the big wide world.

Join the danish Sunfall group
You can join the danish Sunfall group to the F.A.T.E 2018 event in Germany.

Our partner in Arms

We are working closely together with Lost ideas in Germany, and have been since 2011.

The partnership
That partnershipstarted as an international network of larp organizations that works together with a common goal, of making international LARP events more accessible.

The larp scene is international
As organizers we are aware that today’s larp scene is international. Therefore as part of the project education, we each year host two youth exchanges in Copenhagen and Berlin, where we do workshops and talks.

Beyond national borders
The purpose is for our volunteer contributors to expand their network beyond national borders, and participate in organizational development activities.

You can also play charater’s from either scenario; Fate or Sunfall in the other, as Lost Ideas make their events setting in the same world.

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