The Spill!

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Interview 2019:
“Come one, come all, to your favorite watering hole in the whole wide Wastelands, The Spill!
Looking for friends? We´ll find them for you.
Feeling thirsty, sad, lonely, or in the mood for a talk? We´ll get you drunk.
Want to buy some info on your arch-nemesis? We got it.
Just need a place to lie low for a while? Come on in.
The Spill is your archetypal seedy dive, open when the proprietors feel like it, and closed when we can´t be bothered. But you´ll always find someone to talk to, and some fresh gossip.
Come see us, at Knife Alley 1, Wonderland.
(Totally not affiliated with the Irish, whoever came up with that rumour…)”

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