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Interview 2019:
“The Rusty Henchmen MC is a group of wanderers, who value personal freedom and the right to choose their own path in life. They follow their own path of justice, and they believe that every man is a king in his own right. Life is harsh and the The Henchmen aint afraid of confrontring harshness and what follows along by the means the club finds necessary.
The group was founded by Tiny, 8-Ball, and Big Bush, when they stumbled upon the abandoned remains of a biker hideout from before the great apocalypse. Here they found the path of their ancestors, who had once before shown them the true north of the outlaw culture.
The Henchmen has long ridden the dusty roads of the wasteland, but they have for now settled in Wonderland. They earn their living by different services and shady trades. You might stumble upon the powder known as “Road Dust”, the beverage “Gut Oil” or maybe a clubmember convincing you, that your shop needs protection, and The Henchmen could be that help!
The Henchmen also provide charity for the weak and downtrodden, they have a soup kitchen, which hands out food for the needy of Wonderland.”

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