The Wasteland Dolls

About the group

“A girl band that plays rock music from the past, before the world broke down.
The girls have known each other for years, but came together as a band while living at Solaris. They were instantly popular and got the peoples vote at the mayor election. As mayor, vice mayor and ministers they made Solaris great again.
You can enjoy them at Sunfall for a great party concert Thursday at 8 o’clock in the evening, and a soothing lounge show Saturday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The concerts will be short, but good, so make sure you are there when they start. Wasteland Dolls are also faming for hosting male stripping contests, you can experience this Friday at 8 o’clock. Friday afternoon at 1 o’clock the stage will be open for all who will join in for some post ap. karaoke, against a small fee.
Wasteland Dolls consists of Jackie D., Princess, Pinkz and Maureen”

If you are a fan of the wasteland dolls and want to know more you can visit their Facebook page: Facebook

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