The Gentlemens Club.

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Interview 2019:

”Welcome to The Gentlemans Club! The place where the mood is intense, and the music is cozy. Get a drink in the bar and throw some chips, let the gambling begin! This gypsy family will satisfy your every need and who knows? Maybe you will leave like the riches man in the wasteland… Come and taste a glass of Gin with the gypsy family, a family where tradition and blood are off the highest priority. Play a bet by the head off the family, Charles Wood or maybe the eldest member already owe you and can give you a good headstart in your next game. The family behind the club have strong bonds between them… But with many strings you often get them tangled or you even get knots. This family like any other has its own troubles both inside and outside the family. So come join us for a drink and some gossip or even drama. ”

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