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Interview 2019:

“The Doctor is back. Dr. Grey and his team will enter your beautiful city, and give you the most wonderful miracle mixture ever made. Dr. Greys licourice miracle mixture is a great tasting mixture, even the beautiful rangers use it to feel strong and happy. It will be sold cheap, so anyone can afford to get their daily dosis. Dr. Grey has been away for some time, during som issues… from the time back in Sunfall city.
Last year the refined blue mixture was testet to have an high effect. Unfortunately the last bottle was consumed by a big guy with a funny hat. The plant called “blue owl”, that is used to refine the mixture is hard to find. But dont worry, theres a lot of the original mixture.
Come see the friendly doctor, and his great team, buy a mixture or some of the fine merchandise his crew has “found” on their way to your city, or just get treated for your indifferent wounds or neurotic afflictions. Oh and try to be friendly, it makes the Doctor happy.. and his team will try not to be violent.
Just ask any woman in your neighborhood. If Dr. Grey cant do you, nobody can do you no good. ”

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