Texaco Rangers!

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Interview 2019:

“Greetings Citizens, we are the TEXACO Rangers.

Mercenary and security work is our main trade. As such we provide security for settlements and travelers of the Wastelands. Under the mandate of the Wonderland council, we provide the safety and stability that is the signs of civilized people. As such, the law and regulations that are set by the council will be enforced by the TEXACO Rangers. If you disagree with laws or rulings, feel free to take it up with your Sector Overseer.

The TEXACO Rangers should be easily recognizable. They wear the TEXACO Star on their equipment and a Ranger badge. Rangers are proud of being part of the TEXACO company and most will gladly display their badges or other emblems.

This primer will conclude with a motivational quote from “The Manual” – the TECAXO guide to better living:

“The TEXACO star – Wherever you see it, we’re ready to help you get where you’re going”

See you at Wonderland!

And as always stay tuned for more radio noise!!

– Nelli Nuclear and Betty Boom

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