James’ and Luna’s Tea Emporium (earlier called hjerte hospitalet)

About the group

Interview 2019:
”We are, to the best of our knowledge, what is left of The Heart Hospital, BJ Bob, James and me Luna.
In Solaris we opened a Tea House where we served tea, coffee and cake with a smile and a lot of love … and then we were on the move again.
On our way to Wonderland we visit Greenfalls to get a fresh supply of tea, here BJ Bob made fast friends the town council and was gifted some wonderful plants he would love to tell you about. He left for Wonderland before James and I, curious about our new home, and we ended up staying for the winter, making a bunch of new friends before we left in the early spring.
On our way to Wonderland we ran into a familiar looking face with a peculiar smile and a brand-new name, Jessie, so of course we took her home with us.
Now we are back in business and open every day 10-12 and 14-17 and sometimes the odd in-betweens, there are, as always tea, coffee and cake on the menu, still served with smiles and love, we also do out of the house jobs.
If you are looking for that fabulous special place to have your birthday or event we can for sure figure out something for the right price and weddings are done in cooperation with NecroPunx.
As a completely new thing now Jez … Jessie is onboard, if you or a loved one has a addiction problem, there is hope, come see Jessie and she will help.
We can’t wait to see you all in James’ and Luna’s Tea Emporium”

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