[Player Profile - Aidan McRyan]

Wasteland camp filled with Irishmen and other some other travellers in the middle of nowhere.

“So, what were you doing in Sunfall?” – Unkown

“We came to visit our Irish brethren, to have a drink, a chat and find out how Business is handled up here mate!
I stayed due to a sense of family and purpose.

We were welcomed with open arms and an open bar, Now that is hospitality!. “

You know what?! while I was fucking here I even bloody learned something. Do you believe it? Me, learning something!” – McRyan

“What did you learn” – Unkown

Every fuckker that I talked with believe that: what I had to sell was worth bloody something! Ha! do you believe it?! Those Suckers! *Buuurb*

Whenever I wanted to make a deal I I got what I wanted. and Sometimes more than that! ” – McRyan

“What is that scar you got there?” – Unkown

“someone Bloody gutted me on St. Paddy’s day! That really got my piss cooking!

Thought I couldn’t become champ of the north. But a good doctor and a chat with the organiser, a good friend, made it possible anyway!” – McRyan

“So, if you like it so much then why did you leave?” – Unkown

“I had my pockets stocked with RadEx for angel falls and was almost sad as I left, but I bloody miss the trade, the people, the constant conflict between Heart eaters and DDK.
But with the champion’s belt around my hip, Angel Falls as a goal, and my brothers and sister by my side I know all will be good. And when we come back… Then I will be with more goods than even I can carry” – McRyan

Aidan McRyan of the Irish Brotherhood, O’ryleh clan.

Player – Florian Aidan McRyan Heuver

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