Stereotypical characters makes it easier


1/3 2018

By Sebastian Böiken


How do stereotypes help drive the game ?

Lets take a dive into the game mechanic behind sunfall and F.A.T.E.


Stereotypes help to enrich the game world, like few other things do. Of course you can make a non-typical character on purpose and somehow explain it within the lore, but that usually doesn’t help to make your character more authentic. Example: A tribal character who has been living in the civilised part of the world for years has stolen a uniform from the Army of Steel and disguises herself as an Army of Steel officer to get by.


This is a good idea in theory, but doesn’t do the game much good. It’s much easier for other Players to integrate and react to a person who dresses and acts according to the characters profession and background, because they don’t have to wonder if the character is meant to be like that or if the player just doesn’t know how to act it out.


A character who dresses and acts according to her concept, her background and the setting (and maybe even proves creative with the character concept) will be accepted more easily by the other participants and thus helps to enrich the game world. Try to integrate this principle when planning your character and/or group.


It helps you and your fellow players, and according to experience, stereotypical characters become well-known faster and are easier liked by others. 



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