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For many years The DDK have stood strong and powerful in the ruins of Copenhagen, where they fought every day with the blood of their hearts to bring civilization back to Denmark. Their own headquarter flourished behind big walls, complete with achievements such as farming, science and more. But these luxuries were only for an entitled few, these being the citizens who were a carefully picked based on their healthy genes, pure blood, and no weaknesses.

But all that changed after the civil war.
The headquarter was lost, and the military DDK found themselves suddenly without a home. This forced them south, with what there was left of them – but they were not broken!
Thanks to their unbreakable will to survive, they adapted, became even stronger, evolved and despite countless intern disputes they still have a common goal. A goal they are all ready to sacrifice everything to accomplis

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeDanskeKriger/

Leaders of the group: Chrystal Andersen, Peter Thrane Nielsen, Rasmus Teilmann, Benjamin Kovacs


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