[Group Profile - DDK]


Hej SunFall venner. Vi i DDK søger en spiller der er frisk på at prøve en ny spændende rolle. Så smid mig endelig en PM! (On Facebook ‎Peter Thrane Nielsen)


Hey SunFall friends! We in DDK are looking for a player who is ready to play an interresting role! So send me a PM if your interrested! (On Facebook ‎Peter Thrane Nielsen)

Poster Text:

DDK, The Danish Warriors are seeking players!

DDK are looking for a person to play a spesific role at Sunfall 2018, and will be part of our group! You will play closely with Rune as his student, but will also be part of the game with other members of the group amongst others, as you are to be tutored as a Diplomat!

We are looking for someone who can play a charismatic, slihgtly arrogant, young DDK-person, who is both carefree and humorus, while the person can partake in serious roleplay.

If you dont wish to sit quitely in a camp, but experience the game in all of Sunfall, while changing according to it, then send a PM to Rune or Peter.