Background and lore

Lore - The world before

Not much is remembered from the world before and most of what exists is corrupted and twisted versions of the world between 1930 and 1960.

Somewhere around 2000 the world ended in a great fire and more than 160 years has passed. Its new world now, with new rules and possibilities.

The North

Everything is going to hell, especially the last year has been going downhill.

The weather has gotten worse, plants are dying and the further north you travel the worse it gets.

The changes has cost many lives and triggered and wandering south.


The Pearl of the North they used to call it.

But now it is no more, therefore the citizens from the city of Sunfall have now moved to Solaris, a new bigger and better city. 


Solaris, the new stronghold of the north. Its an old warehouse, with a fortified perimeter where the citizens of Sunfall have moved to. 


Lead by the texaco rangers the entire city vacated to this new living area. Now trying to set up a new life, in a new city. 

The settlement has araived and have now lived there for many months.



In the great vaults lies Nova, once a proud city now a place in change.

The Change has prompted many to leave and others to dig in.

The city still stands, but strong trade ties with Sunfall is what is keeping it alive.

As the surrounding lands are emptying and nature turns against the survivors the fate of Nova is uncertain, but for now it lives.

The sorrounding lands

The lands around Solaris have never been rich, but its new status as a hub for the people is changing things.

People fleeing to the new city have attracted several groups of raiders and scavengers, taking advantage of the needy.

Everybody knows to keep their eyes open for the migration is bringing all kinds of bad things to Solaris.

Aggressive mutations

Many have sought the secrets of Rad-eX and many believed to have found them. But with the Change came something that changed the way the things works.

The many homebrewed versions of Rad-eX started to react, some report that it triggers violent and massive mutations other that is causes death.

One thing is sure, the people will only touch RadeX from a clean source and condemn the ones experimenting with this needed medication.

Do not let them divide us! No person should need to be registered. High Rads need help not discrimination and persecution.

The S.A.R.M. are oppressing mutants and everyone else, we have a right to take care of our radiation as we see fit!

Fight back, make Solaris a free city.