Lights effects in game design


15/2 2018

By Sebastian Böiken


When we design the game experience for Sunfall, we often use light, sound and special effects to enhance the experience.

Special effects in LARP are used to help reinforce immersion in-game to make the experience as engrossing as possible.

They’re artifices used in cases where re-creating reality is impossible or prohibitive.

There are two main ways you can incorporate effects in a LARP: in a general manner (to reinforce the atmosphere and mood), or in punctual circumstances (plot points, triggered events) to enhance a special event.

For creating atmosphere there are a number of tools to use, one of them is lighting.

Lighting: arguably the most important element in setting a mood. To change the lighting in a room you can use coloured gels (available in arts & crafts stores, I believe) which have the advantage of not being flammable; you can also buy small spotlight lamps for cheap which can accentuate parts of the room or replace the existing light entirely.


Consider adding small visual touches here and there, such as candles for a period game, which will draw attention away from the artificial methods put into place.


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