Event 2017

This year
Is all about creating a foundation and taking the first step into the next era of Sunfall.

The best things from previous years
We are taking the best things from previous years and leaving the rest.
This means there will be some changes in all aspects of Sunfall.
It also means we share this opportunity with all our players to define where Sunfall will be headed now. To achieve this communication is key.

Communication is key
We want to talk with our players, that is one of the reasons for the group hand-inns this year.

We want to know what you are creating and how you want to be a part of Sunfall.
We want players and organisers to talk and co-create an amazing experience together.


Boesdal kalkbrud 
Boesdalsvej 9
4673 Rødvig Stevns

A Larp, not a festival

Sunfall is a larp. So if you are looking for a festival to get drunk at, Denmark offers a lot of great opportunities for that, but Sunfall isn’t one of them.

Of course alcohol is welcome and there will be bars, but it’s part of an in-game premise and should be treated as such.

Looking forward

Sunfall is part of the same universe as FATE in Germany and all games are part of the Lost Ideas organisation.

To this extent we are working closely with our german counterparts and integrating with them. This also means that the Lost Ideas rulebook is part of how we do things at Sunfall.

The intention is to share the same rules and overall approach to the larps. Something we seek to develop with our learning from 2017 to a stronger international platform in the future.

Design document - the basic

This is the core of the game and what we expect all our players to read and align with it.

In the end of may we will release the 2.0 edition of the document.
Adding in Group overviews, practical and some other good stuff.

Rules document
Certain pages will be referenced in Design Document, they are part of the key.

On an overall scale we acknowledge that the current document is developed around FATE and therefore some elements may not seem relevant to our players.

Other than referenced pages it is not a mandatory document.

Group signup & Camp Booking
There will be a group signup form. All groups (even solo players) are expected to hand it in.

To this year’s Sunfall players will pre-book their area. To this purpose a booking document will be released.

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