[Player Profile - Mallory Maxwell]

“We had a good thing going, we really did. Money was coming in and ad revenue was good, some people were even reading our bulletin board!

There was always a small crowd quietly reading or discussing outside the office.

The Pyramid felt like a safe place for The Bullet, and my employees seemed content”- Mallory

“So….What happened?” – Unkown

“That all changed when the Sheriff gave the power to the Temple of Lucoza.
Those damn Ardents brainwashed half of my staff, making them believe that they had something to prove. And when the Temple started speaking ill of mutants, my attempts to make those same mutants feel like part of the city were seen as direct attacks on the Temple – by my own staff.
My oldest friends, even. The circle of people I could trust grew smaller and my reliance on my war correspondent Blake, my only true ally, grew larger!” – Mallory

“What happened to that Blake guy then?” – Unkown

“Well, His idealistically fueled bravery caused his own demise as he was murdered at the hands of the Temple the moment I looked away.

That was the last drop for me. I grabbed everything I could, all the money The Bullet had saved up. I donated what would have been my staff’s pay, every last chid!” – Mallory

“What did you do then” – Unkown

“I made a run for it!. I ran. With my hat, my boots and a handful of Rad-X. Not the bravest move, but I’m sure I can take on whatever the Wasteland throws at me… at least until I reach Angel Falls” – Mallory

“If we reach Angel Falls……” – Unkown

The last person there heard from
Mallory Maxwell, Former editor in chief of The Bullet…..

Player – Arendse Løvind Andersen

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