[Player Highlight - Marie]

“Girl, I got one piece of advice for you.
Never! and I repeat. Get a MANAGER! NEVER!!” – Marie

“there must be a story to this? isn’t there?” -Small Fan

“You can bet your cute butt that there is! On my last journey to Sunfall, I met these musicians…What were their names?…..Ahh yes, Roxanne and Max

Cool peeps decided to hook up with them… You know join forces, and play as a band sweetest band in all of Sunfall! Don’t let anyone tell you anything different!”

“No. No, I won’t ” – Fan

“This “Dude” soon approached, and told us, how he would be our manager, and get us all the jobs we could wish for!
It sounded like quite the handy deal, but the manager seemed to forget to pay us! So I gave him a warning shot in the knee” – Marie

“Did it work?” – Fan

“For a bit… I think radiation might have been messing with his head because he started to forget again….Luckily he had another knee and I had another bullet. Worked like a charm” – Marie

“Isn’t it a bit hard to walk with out knees?” – Fan

“You got a point…we kinda found that out after, so we left him in the wasteland to fend for himself And then hired one of the local guitar players to fix us up with some gigs. Worked like a charm” – Marie

“Does everything work like a charm for you?” – Fan

“Pretty much, but I did end up getting bored with Sunfall and I never stay the same place for too long, so I am heading to Angels Falls next to trade a bit. Can’t let your fans get too much of you” – said Marie with a slight smile and a wink at her small fan who looked up at her with big eyes.

Player – Frederikke Piil

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