[Player Highlight - Megara Johnson]

“Megara Johnson… That’s a funny name. “

“Around here we just call her Meg, and don’t get too close… She’s never been quite right in the head”

“You know.. when she was but a mere child she ran around in circles and screamed about the world coming to an end…”

“Ohh, poor kid”

“When she grew up she hid it better though, her insanity.
But when her brother died… Yikes… it started again.
Slowly at first… but now? Well, let’s just say that the only person that gets to see her gentle side, is Travis. “

“Who is Travis? Her lover?”

“Yeah that Travis. I don’t think there is anything she wouldn’t do for him. He could order her to kill herself, and she wouldn’t skip a heartbeat. Literally”

“Damm that does sound bonkers”

“That’s Meg for you. She is unpredictable, stubborn and insane. Dresses Like a harlot, if one had to be honest. She tops it all off with pigtails, blue hair and clown make up.
So it’s not like she tries to hide it.”

“Why do you keep her around then, if she’s as batshit crazy as you say?”

“Well, if you want to giggle, you go to her.
Meg is sure to make you chuckle and so much more… if she doesn’t ruin you first.”

Player – Alice M. Troelsen

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