Firefighter Mikkel


 By Sebastian Böiken

28/3 2018


Here is a shout out to one of our extremely cool volunteers Mikkel Ørsøe, who have been in charge of both safety and anti fire planning at Sunfall for many years. Mikkel is a veteran larper, and have organized numerous larp events besides Sunfall. 


I have had the pleasure of working together with Mikkel for many years where he has been leading the safety supervision and is now the one who manages that our safety rules are up to date with governmental laws. With his many years as a volunteer firefighter, he is a unique asset for the entire Sunfall experience. Without him, we would never be able to handle the large demands, of running an event for hundreds of people.


Mikkel is not only a master of leading the team combatting fire and ensuring us all, he is also a masterful chef. At our other event F.A.T.E he is in charge of the kitchen for the Danish delegation. Here he is feeding the entire international player team, with excellent food. 


Lastly, I wanna address the thing I love most about working with Mikkel. That´s our shared love for big toys and the fact that it can never get too big. That´s why he organized it so that this year’s command bunker for safety and firefighting will be this lovely truck.

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