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Dear participants !

Good news everyone.

Approximately one month ago, we got a letter from the municipality of Stevns, who administrate Boesdal kalkbrud. Saying that we were not allowed to use the location for our 2018 event. We were quite surprised and confused, because we were under the impression that we had an agreement with the municipality to use it.

Unfortunately due to the fact that neighbors have complained about the many electronic music festivals that are located in this area now. The municipality chose to put LARP aside to cut down on the activities on the location.

But the GOOD NEWS are that we luckily still have a location for the game!
We put all other activities on hold, and began look for a suitable location for Sunfall 2018, and we found it!

Musicon, Roskilde

We found an old warehouse, just like the one we used for Sunfall Metro back in 2016, just with an outdoor area.
This location is a lot different from last year, but has in a lot of ways both strengths and weaknesses compared to other locations. First of all, we can enjoy the compact living breathing and back stabbing city feel again. In the game design we will draw experience from, Sunfall Metro in 2016 and add it up with a lot of the new design choices we made for 2017.

We have a chance to focus on the room design for the city, and still make sure that there will be outdoor areas to play in. One of the biggest lessons from Sunfall Metro, was that We have booked outdoor area aswell, so we can make a huge outdoor game arean. We are still in dialog with Roskilde municipality, but are fairly sure we have the area.

We know a lot of you have asked for us to focus on the city we will focus a lot more on the city sunfall then the space around it but more about that in the design document that will be out in the coming days.

We hope you understand and we will do our very best to still make this a sunfall to remember here is the link to see the inside of the new location:

Rules first version:…


The head organizer
Daniel Regin Mortensen
Jannick vangkilde

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