Format of play

Everyday Life

All groups and characters have some sense of everyday life that permeates what they do in Sunfall and how they live their lives.

Figuring out how you fit into that and with who is the core of the player experience at Sunfall.

Do you have a lousy neighbors, are the Chids low and the horrid choice of begging or scavenging in front of you, who do you owe and for what.
Life sucks, but what makes it worth living?

The Trinity

The Trinity consists of the Temple of Lucoza, the Trade Guild and the Sheriffs (Texaco Rangers). They regulate the city of sunfall, mostly per their control over Rad-eX, big guns and their own interests.

Everybody knows that the when something’s wrong it will always be the ones furthest away from the Trinity that suffers first.

First rule of thumb is pay what is due, that will mostly keep the wolves from the door.

Next rule is The Trinity doesn’t care as long as their due is paid. Meaning that problems and scuffles arise and are resolved among the people with shared interest.

The Trinity is not fair, and also doesn’t care much except if you have a way to get them to care and there is lots of other people in Sunfall that are cheaper to get to care about your problems.


A Safe City

In this dangerous world, Sunfall is considered a safe city. Ordinary raiders wouldn’t dare attack it and life inside the city is only in danger from others living there.

This doesn’t mean strict laws and order, it’s just better than the outside world.


The Trade Guild has instituted trade laws in Sunfall, among them is the free trade each day when the sun is highest and one hour forward, at this time most people gather to market, some with stalls others with blankets full of items.

Everything is traded and the human needs are met.


Two things offers control Rad-eX and having the equipment to bully others.

Nobody competes on Rad-eX due to the monopoly, so it’s an arms race. One that is lead by the Sheriffs. They however only take care of their own business and are renowned mercenaries that might be hired to do other jobs.

Most areas are in one way or another under the control of some armed group, skirmishes happen for turf, but lethal methods are frowned upon inside the city.

Everybody knows a good clubbing works better anyway.

Should a group choose to use guns in the city the Sheriffs will step in and impose sanctions ranging from confiscating guns to punishment by death.

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