Belonging - Citizens

Each group and character should decide if they inhabitants of Sunfall or they for one reason or another are passing through.

We highly recommend players to be a permanent part of Sunfall. Do you come from somewhere else? No problem you could have settled. Do you have a place somewhere else?Your group could have a permanent outpost in Sunfall.

Being part of the city makes the core city game more meaningful and enables characters to take part.

Outsiders are generally seen as easy prey.

Write yourself – but stick to the framework
Each group creates their own stories, but should stay within the framework. The four backgrounds (Vault dweller, Renovators, Tribes and Mutants gives the base of each group, combined with the lore frames this creates a continuity between players and groups.

There is still lots of room to create what makes you unique and special while staying within the frames.

Relations created by you

The relations are created among the players, giving Sunfall life and creating the stories you want to explore.

With whom do you strife over turf or battle for a trade monopoly? What offers do you have for other players to engage with you?



Everything is scarce, even the meaning with life in the new world is a sought after commodity. Scarcity covers everything, from basic needs to the self realisation.

Marslows needs is a great place to find inspiration. What do you need on multiple levels and what can you provide?

Engagements - Player plots

Part of Sunfall is a greater investment in player “plots”, basicly we expect all groups to hand in simple plots with their group sign-up.

It might be you have scouts that lost supplies in the wasteland and now you need to hire players to find and retrieve it.

It could be a need to settle peace with a rivaling group and you need somebody to bring in the peace offering.

Make it meaningful and relevant in what you offer and trust your fellow players to do the same.

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