Sunfall is set in a dark and gritty world.

Civilisation as we know it has ended, nobody remembers how or why and nobody cares. What matters is that new societies have risen from the ashes and they now form the world.

A broken down world

A broken down, fucked up world

What the world was before isn’t remembered. Remnants of an old city is named whatever the people choose. 

Colours, banner, names almost nothing still exists and what is still there has gotten new meanings.


Population numbers are low and still a life doesn’t carry much meaning unless you use it. Everybody strives to find a way to survive and for many that means banding together in the few new cities.

What isn’t inside these cities is considered wasteland, lawless and haunted by all sorts of monsters.


City life

Sunfall is first and foremost a larp about city life. Exploring how the people of a lost world has come together and make a living off and with each other.

Because outside the gates lurks the wasteland and only those well prepared or truly desperate travel out there.

Post Apocalyptic World

The world is fucked, new perspectives and philosophies emerge and dangers are everywhere. Exploring these perspectives and how a world would look is a core component of the larp.


The problem of unlimited human wants and limited resources. Be it need for community and safety, power and influence or clean food and water.

There is always more to want and not enough to go around. An exploration of human needs.

And now an official message from S.A.R.M (Sunfall Agency of Radiation and Mutation).

More news will be forth coming the following weeks.

Remember the Sunfall Agency of radiation and Mutation strives to keep Sunfall safe.

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