[Group Profile - Pinkz Beauties, Wasteland wellness]

Interview 2019:
“Pinkz Beauties is a wasteland beauty salon with cleanliness/beauty, massage and gossip as core. We are positive and NOT conflict searching.
Our customers can buy different beauty treatments, such as a shave or the best handjob in town. We offer stragglers small jobs as water bearers and trading, so that we can get pink decorations to the shop and things we could use for the beauty treatments.
Welcome at Pinkz Beauties.
The place where we wash the dust of sin, the losers blood, and the starving tears away.
The beauty salon where the newest gossip gets heard first, while you get a wonderful facial treatment with real wasteland clay and mutated green eggs.
The place that’s famous for both mayors, dancers and hustlers can buy the towns best handjob, if we have water and you have enough money.
This is also the place you can go if you have a patch that needs to be sewn or your hair neeeds to be cut.”

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