[Player Highlight - Ragnar Dangaard]

[Player Highlight – Ragnar Dangaard]

**** DOSSIER UPDATE 29-09 2xxx of the DDK**
ID: Ragnar Dangaard.
Service Number: Unknown
Current position: Councilman of military affairs and Acting Regent.

*Notes from a soldier of the Sunfall City outpost*

We heard he was coming a couple of weeks prior to his arrival, Councilman Ragnar, known as the Black Lion of the DDK.
I have never seen the officers and older soldiers like this before… And we fight mutants and the Irish on a daily basis!

Ragnar came to the city outpost with two members of his personal guard, Tyr and Loki. It was in the evening, and boy, we were not ready for him at all…!

Of all the stories you hear about Ragnar, “The Black Lion”, none do him justice. He is far worse, and far better, than you might think.

He is a smiling and seemingly gentle man that cares fiercely for his soldiers, but they know as well as he does, that he will sacrifice them for the cause without hesitation, and he expects the same of them.
Demands it, through his mere presence.

At the outpost, it seemed like most of his interest focused on the two outpost commanders, Jaeger and Scwatzkopfs, and how they ran the base and trained the new recruits. But after a few days, it became apparent he was there to test all these soldiers. Especially his son.

Through fighting with the Irish, training against mutants, military drills and that raider group – ‘Tree’-something – he is preparing his people for something. And Sunfall was just the beginning.
Something is coming, and Ragnar knows it. I just hope that we live to see it.

There are whispers of a revolution.

Player – Rasmus Teilmann

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