[Player Highlight - Ryder]

Ryder was standing in his usual spot, on the hilltop, far over Sunfall, his wings spread out, looking down and out at the town and the landscape.

They all looked so small from up here…
But all the tiny smooth skins, they had their clubs and their guns, and they weren’t small when you got back down there.

Sometimes he wished he could just stay up here, just fly away and not look back. Somewhere out there, there had to be something better.

He had talked a lot with Rune from the DDK about this, he couldn’t leave, he knew that he had to protect the other mutants, his family. They weren’t caterpillars anymore, but they hadn’t broken out of their cocoons yet. Someday they would and then they could all fly away together. Until then…

His eyes caught the look of hearts and teeth, the heart-eaters were moving towards the camp again.
Even though he was far down, he could see Rune, looking expectantly up at him.

He drew his knife and jumped, blowing up the dust around him as he set off into the air, soaring towards the camp.
Until then, he’d stay and fight.

Player – Sam Lond

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