[Player highlight - Songbird]

“Shit, that was weird as hell man! What the fuck is that thing? Is it a mutant of some sort?”

“Oh yeah, you’re new. Nah man, that’s just Songbird, you get used to him. Just don’t pay too much mind to the kid.”

“….kid? Are you pulling my leg?”

“No man, dead serious! Kinda nice actually, once you get to know him, and dumb as a box of rocks, but his hearts in the right place.”

“You sure about that? He looks kinda creepy…”

“Haha, yeah mate, but that’s just a mask. He likes wearing it. he’s actually a big softie once you get to know him. Poor kid was left on his own in a mutated forest for a bunch of years, practically grew up there. And never really grew up at all.”

“Huh… what do you mean never grew up?”

“Well, on his own you know? No one to teach him about the world? When he arrived, he didn’t even know what the real difference on guys and gals were! Boy was he surprised to find out!”

“So he’s basically just a child? Poor guy…”

“Yup. Religion, violence, people, all nonsense to him. But he’s trying. And he’s learned a lot… sometimes people think he’s too good for this world, and sometimes I’m inclined to agree. He’s too pure for his own good. And now with the Eaters out for him, I don’t know how much that bundle of sticks he calls a weapon is gonna help him.”

“…I see… does the kid drink?”

“Like a raider! Iron stomach and all that. Why you asking?”

“Cause I’m gonna get to know him a wee bit better…”

Player – Christian Kierans

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