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14/3 2018

By Sebastian Böiken



From the rule and lore book, we here describe our thoughts of post apocalyptic genre, and Sunfall as a concept. 

We think the most important thing in a post apocalyptic LARP is the right mixture of realistic hardship and apocalyptic humor, so we try to keep a good balance between the two. Post apocalyptic LARP is very different from your typical Fantasy LARP. Realism is very important to us – what you see, is what you get. 

For example, if there is a bunker, it’s a real life bunker. If it’s in reality a school building, the settlers have used a school building as base instead of a bunker. A canvas cover in the woods is not a mythical dungeon, but a canvas shelter against wind and rain. Everything from location to character skills has to be realistic, or at least has to be presented as realistically as possible to be relevant for the game. 

For Example, an elaborately built, massive-looking basement could pass for a bunker, if it looks and feels like its really part of an underground shelter. 


There also won’t be any grand scale plot, because there isn’t any plot. Well, at least no adventurers-save-the-world kind of plot. Instead, there are loads of small tasks and jobs you can do for money, information, favors or simply food, or just to survive in a hostile world.

Even if a large group of players happens to have the same objective, it’s not something you need to do to “win”, and sometimes a task is just not solvable. We encourage confrontations between players, groups and the environment, so resourcefulness, toughness and social skills are important to keep your character alive. 

Not every confrontation has to end with a character’s death, but it is quite common for characters to die, be it from dangerous situations, wrong decisions or bad luck. 


Death is part of the game in this kind of genre, and it doesn’t make a difference if a character is “important” for the group, the game or the campaign, death can happen to anybody. Groups and single players will often end up not only on their own, but sometimes forced to act against each other to survive. 

 It might sometimes be very easy to accomplish a mission and kill everything that stands in your way – or it could be close to impossible, and some opponents are just too powerful for you to attack.

A healthy assessment of a situation, the possibilities, rewards and the risks is absolutely necessary for the survival of your character.Basically, every participant has to develop their own tactics and their character’s behaviour for surviving in such a harsh world. 

Everything depends on what you make of your character’s (and your own) skills and the way you choose to act in a given situation, and sometimes dumb luck helps too.



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