The Players

Players and Fans

We here at Sunfall are so happy that you amazing players and fans want to join us in our post apocalyptic dystopian fantasy.

Therefor we wish to highligt all the amazing things you do in and outside the game! 

Like follow the Fan and Player Facebook page, for alot of internal player information , find social ghaterings all year, be inspired by other’s work! Find a group and alot of humor and general discussion about all things Sunfall!

This is a work in progress, but we hope to add more and more as time goes on, to make sure this is the best known LARP community out there, and to let everybody know how great your own contribution to Sunfall really is!


Since many a competition has gone down through our Facebook! We will also add a site highlighting them all! The content of them and more details such as the winnings! To either show the funniest meme’s or best war stories and more!

We also wish to Interview people who make the best items for Sunfall! So keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page and commit yourself to amazing projects!

If you belive to have a great idea or are already working on a project, do let us know at and we will see just how amazing your craftsmanship is!

We are also gonna add a art page for all you artistic types!

Aswell as a hall of noticeable people outside the game! Such of those proudly wearing the Sunfall emblem Tattoo!

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