The groups

We here at Sunfall are so happy that you amazing players and fans want to join us in our post apocalyptic dystopian fantasy.

Therefor we wish to highligt all the amazing things you do in and outside the game! 


Like follow the Fan and Player Facebook page, for alot of internal player information , find social ghaterings all year, be inspired by other’s work!
Find a group and alot of humor and general discussion about all things Sunfall!

Some of the groups - in alphabetical order


[Group Profile – DDK] THE DDK For many years The DDK have stood strong and powerful in the ruins of Copenhagen, where they fought every

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[Group Profile – THE GUARDIANS] THE GUARDIANS “A thousand voices become one” – That’s the mantra for The Guardians. For years this group of mutants

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The Irish

The Irish Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mauris urna vehicula, leo vestibulum, sed wisi adipiscing elit neque, pellentesque pretium blandit. Sed sit, mi urna ultricies

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