The groups

We here at Sunfall are so happy that you amazing players and fans want to join us in our post apocalyptic dystopian fantasy.

Therefor we wish to highligt all the amazing things you do in and outside the game! 


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Find a group and alot of humor and general discussion about all things Sunfall!

Some of the groups - in alphabetical order

Apex medical facility

Apex medical facility About the group Interview 2019: “The APEX medical facility provides health care and Rad-X to the population of Wonderland. With a highly

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Black riders!

Black riders! About the group Interview 2019: ”We are a gang with a yakuza like ranking and principles. We are working to create a society

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Circus Revolucia

Circus Revolucia About the group Interview 2019: “The circus Revolucia is a performing team of entertainment in many Colors for everyone’s enjoyment. The King and

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[Group Profile – DDK] THE DDK For many years The DDK have stood strong and powerful in the ruins of Copenhagen, where they fought every

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Dr. Greys

Dr. Greys About the group Interview 2019: “The Doctor is back. Dr. Grey and his team will enter your beautiful city, and give you the

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Dross Chuggers

Dross Chuggers About the group Interview 2019: “Layabouts, ner’do wells, gambling loonies are three ways of describing the Drost Chuggers. An odd bunch of people

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Juggers Junk

Juggers Junk About the group Interview 2019: “Juggers Junk is a foremost a shop, dealing and trading in whatever is brought in from the wastes.

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Necro Punx

Necro Punx About the group Interview 2019: “We are chaos incarnated, we are loud. We are exactly what you never knew you needed, and to

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Rest and remedies

Rest and remedies About the group Interview 2019: “A group of Medics, herbalists, religious leaders and a coffee shop/ massage parlor.” Group logo Video Pictures

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Texaco Rangers!

Texaco Rangers! About the group Interview 2019: “Greetings Citizens, we are the TEXACO Rangers. Mercenary and security work is our main trade. As such we

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The Bullet

The Bullet About the group Interview 2019: “The Bullet is Wonderland’s local newspaper bulletin board. We post about everything that happens in town, news, scandals,

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[Group Profile – THE GUARDIANS] THE GUARDIANS“A thousand voices become one” – That’s the mantra for The Guardians. For years this group of mutants have

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The Irish

The Irish Interview 2019: “The Irish brotherhood is an international syndicate of irish clans, originating in the southern badlands. The northmost clan of the brotherhood

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The Rad Pack

The Rad Pack About the group Interview 2019: Tonight we present The Rad Pack’. (Earlier called the mutation nation) ”a group of different characters, often

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The Spill!

The Spill! About the group Interview 2019: “Come one, come all, to your favorite watering hole in the whole wide Wastelands, The Spill! Looking for

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Wasteland Walkers

Name About the group Interview 2019: “Comprised of outcasts, eccentric scientists, former raiders, religious devotees, merchants, escaped slaves, mercenaries and former convicts, all trying to

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ØV About the group Island Guards, missing information. Group logo Video Pictures Hits: 179

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