[Player highlight - Tracy Tipsdale]

Jane Doe: ”Hey Tracy! I thought you were going on that pilgrimage with the S.E.A.N.C.E guys?”

Tracy: ”Well, that was my plan until the evening ceremony with The Temple of Lucoza – haven’t you heard? The Ardent’s made it official that my purpose as a disciple of the Machine, shall be as the rightful truth speaker of this city. So, from this day on I’ll fill out Mallory’s chair as the new editor in chief at The Bullet”

Jane Doe: ”Truth speaker you say? Hmm… That sounds like a great responsibility. Isn’t that going to be quite a challenge with your love for gossip and juicy news?”

Tracy: ”You better watch your mouth, Dear. Our former war correspondent, Blake, got his tongue and fingers cut off for spreading blasphemous conspiracies about the temple and it’s followers by… someone that might look out for me”

Jane Doe: ”Whoa, sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just curious, you know, about the facts. Didn’t that Blake guy die?”

Tracy: ”You ask a lot of questions – actually I could use a new humble colleague who’s good with getting the facts right. Perhaps you might be interested in working as a reporter for The Bullet?”

Player – Anna Louise Stautz

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