Economics rules

The In-Game Economy
The Sunfall ruleset is divided into several sections, each highlighting the different aspects of
living in the city of Wonderland. This chapter focuses on giving you an idea about the
economy at Sunfall, so you can shop smarter.
These rules will go over the economic principles at the event, average prices for some
common tradeable, and give some tips for what to do, if you find yourself short on cash.

Basic Economic Principles
The post-apocalyptic world of Sunfall is essentially unstable, and that goes for the economy,
too. Life is harsh, the rules are few and safety never lasts.
But even so, a sort of common economy has grown from a need to trade between
settlements, groups, and citizens. This common economy is built on two founding blocks:

The Chid and anti-radiation meds.
A person can survive in the wastelands by trading if they have goods to trade. But not all
traders accept trade goods and not all those who do, necessarily need the goods you have
therefore, the Chid is used as a common currency.
To see some average prices for commonly traded wares, see the section on Average Trade

Chids or Trading?
The merchants at Wonderland are many and varied and so are their preferred methods of
Some only accept Chids, some only trade goods, while many will accept both, but have
preference for one over the other.

Average Trade Prices
The table on the next page, gives suggestions for some commonly traded goods at
Wonderland and other wasteland settlements. Of course, these prices vary based on
availability, season, and location in the wasteland, but this should give you some idea about the living expenses for your Stay.
By no means should these prices be seen as fixed values, and vendors are of course always free to set their own prices.
In addition to a Chid cost, merchants and others are free to add an off-game cost in real world currency.
Selling food and alcohol is strictly prohibited, unless you have applied and been
given permission.


If this option is used, traders should use small yellow price tags for the off-game
component of a price, while the in-game component, in Chids, can be displayed however
you feel like, or haggled for on the spot.

Short on cash? A short guide to earning money at Sunfall
For your character to make it in Wonderland, whether you are a lone wanderer or part of a
large group, you will need some type of income. In Wonderland, there are many ways in
which you can earn money. We have listed some suggestions here.

You could consider trading off an item for Chids at a pawn shop or trader. The perceived
value of many items varies, and some traders may be willing to pay more for your old hat
than others, so ask around before selling.
Part Time Work
Many groups post job notices on poster boards throughout Wonderland. The council might
be looking for someone to help with guard duty, and if all else fails, the city’s renovators
occasionally need a hand in keeping the city clean!

Back Alley Mugging
If you feel confident in your skills or if you are down on your luck, mugging people for spare
Chids is a favourite pastime for some. But choose your target wisely, because not everyone
will let themselves be robbed so easily. For more info on theft, see the Theft at Sunfall

Ask Other Groups
Finally, you could ask other players or groups if they have any work that needs doing. Some
of the larger groups have a need for hangers-on and might pay you for keeping an eye on
their turf, protecting an item or person or other makeshift jobs. Don’t be shy to knock
someone’s door and ask if they are hiring or would be willing to pay for a one-time job.
Theft at Sunfall – what can you steal from other players?
At our scenarios, by necessity, we keep a very sharp line between in-game and off-game
theft. In-game theft is allowed if you follow a couple of basic guidelines. Off-game theft will
not be tolerated and is grounds for a warning in very mild cases and expulsion from the
event in most cases.
All players are allowed to keep an off-game box or bag at their camp, as well as a smaller
bag on their person. Your off-game bag should be white, with the letters OG or OT (for
some of our international guests) marked out in black. It is a good idea to write your name and contact info on it as well.
The off-game bags and boxes are off limits, and may not be opened by anyone except the owner. Because of this, you are not allowed to put any in-game stealable items in your off-gameBag.

The following are items you are always allowed to steal in-game:
– Chids
– Rad-Ex (and other anti-radiation medicine)
– Nerf ammo
– Drugs
– Things that are obviously placed in the game-by-game design, such as Council
member tokens.

This means that as a rule, you are not allowed to steal other people’s food, trade goods,
drinks, cigarettes, weapons, clothing etc., without agreeing to do so off-game first. If you are
unsure if you are allowed to steal something, catch the owner of the item off-game, and ask them.
Of course, some people might wish to add more excitement to the game, and therefore
traders are allowed to mark items as stealable in-game. This is done by marking an item or
container with a bright orange skull, at a size of at least 3x3cm. Any item marked in this way can be stolen in-game. If it is a single use item, you are allowed to use it. If it is an item with an off-game value, bring it back at the end of the event.
Stealable valuables should be kept either in your possession or in a relatively easily accessible place in your camp. You are not allowed to hide stealable items off-game or in in-game locations that are not accessible by other players (such as in a well locked container).

You are allowed to have a “safe deposit box” in your camp but it should be accessible to others in-game somehow, e.g., by you carrying the key around your neck or having the combination to the lock “tattooed” on your arm.
The stealable items on your person should be carried in places that are accessible to others, such as in a pocket or a purse. Do not hide stealable items in your bra or underwear or other places that are generally deemed inappropriate to be touched by strangers. You might be fine with people touching you there, but we don’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable
situation, neither the person doing the mugging, nor the person being mugged.
Remember that having something of yours stolen is not the end of your game. Quite the opposite, it is likely to create some fun situations for your character to play out. Hire a detective or a mercenary, complain to your local Overseer – take revenge!