Sunfall Global Warming 2022

The Sunfall Global Warming 2022 event was an unforgettable experience, and the team photos captured by Vinding Photos perfectly capture the spirit and energy of the occasion. Whether it’s the group shots of all the attendees, the candid moments of laughter and camaraderie, or the stunning landscapes that served as the backdrop for the event, these pictures truly tell the story of Sunfall Global Warming 2022.          Thanks to Vinding Photos for capturing these memories for us to look back on and cherish for years to come!

 Saturday & Team photos (by Vinding Photos)

Sunfall Nuclear Winter 2021

The Sunfall Nuclear Winter 2021 event was a truly unforgettable experience, and the pictures taken by Underværker truly capture the raw power and intensity of the occasion.

Pictures from Saturday (By Underværker)


Sunfall Nuclear Winter 2018

Photos (by LARP photos)