Sunfall is and has always been many different things to many different people. This can make it hard for players, and potential new players, to know exactly what to expect from the scenarios, but this flexibility and adaptability is also what makes Sunfall great.

Game rules

Everything is chaos in a post-apocalyptic world, but we still need some rules.

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Sunfall is set in a dark and gritty world.

Civilization, as we know it, has ended, nobody remembers how or why and nobody cares. What matters is that new societies have risen from the ashes and they now form the world.

Format of play

All groups and characters have some sense of everyday life that permeates what they do in Sunfall and how they live their lives.

Figuring out how you fit into that and with who is the core of the player experience at Sunfall.

Do you have lousy neighbors, are the Chids low and the horrid choice of begging or scavenging in front of you, who do you owe and for what.

Life sucks, but what makes it worth living?

The event arena

An event arena is a place for Sunfall participants to have an experience tailored to their needs. The purpose of the event area is to expand the play area of wonderland city from nearby settlements, trading stations, and wastelands. The NPCs at the event arena will do their best to give a full immersive LARP experience with characters made for your specific adventure.


We here at Sunfall are so happy that you amazing players and fans want to join us in our post-apocalyptic dystopian fantasy.

Therefore we wish to highlight all the amazing things you do in and outside the game! 


There are a lot of different teams at Sunfall, you can try to join one of them or create one with your friends. Contact us at

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