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1: Character Concept

Creating a character for Sunfall is an exciting and crucial step in immersing yourself into this unique experience. Your character concept should reflect the world’s grim and challenging setting. Consider your character’s background, skills, and motivations. Are you a cunning scavenger, a fearless warrior, or a resourceful trader? Think about how your character survived and adapted in this harsh post-apocalyptic landscape.

2: Team

In a Post-Apocalyptic LARP, team dynamics play a vital role in your survival. You’ll need allies to overcome the many challenges that the world throws at you. Join or form a team with other players who complement your character’s skills and abilities. Perhaps you’ll have a medic to tend to wounds, a mechanic to repair equipment, or a charismatic negotiator to barter with other factions. Building a cohesive team can enhance your experience and increase your chances of thriving in this unforgiving world.

3: Camps

One of the most engaging aspects of a Post-Apocalyptic LARP is the opportunity to create and customize your own camp on location. These camps serve as your character’s base of operations and add a layer of authenticity to the experience. Here’s how you can get started with building your camp.

It’s possible to come before the event on one of our weekends near the event and start building your camp.

5: Food

n a post-apocalyptic world, food is a precious resource. During the LARP event, you’ll need to simulate the struggle for sustenance. Pack non-perishable, easy-to-carry rations that fit your character’s style. Canned goods, jerky, and dried fruits are popular choices. Be prepared to forage for in-game food resources or trade with other players to replenish your supplies. Remember to stay in character during mealtime, and consider bringing containers and props to enhance the immersion.

The event dosen’t provide options for food and snacks, but the different teams do sometimes. At the event there will be a kitchen area where you can prepare your food.

4: Rules

Every Post-Apocalyptic LARP event will have specific rules and guidelines that ensure fairness, safety, and immersion for all participants. Understanding and following these rules is essential to having a successful and enjoyable experience

6: Sleeping

Sleeping arrangements at Sunfall often involve tents or shared sleeping areas in our big Warehouse. Bring a sleeping bag, mat, or hammock suitable for outdoor use to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.  The sleeping area is offgame.

7: Signup and Membership

Before you embark on your Post-Apocalyptic LARP adventure, you’ll need to go through a simple signup process, which includes obtaining a Wonder Studios membership. Here’s what you need to know:

a. Wonder Studios Membership: To participate in this Post-Apocalyptic LARP event, you’ll need to become a member of Wonder Studios. This membership typically grants you access to various events, workshops, and special activities organized by our community.

b. Event Registration: Once you have your Wonder Studios membership, visit the studio’s website Sunfall signup page.

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There are a lot of different teams at Sunfall, you can try to join one of them or create one with your friends. Contact us at

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