What's the game about?

The major theme of the game is giving you a feeling of how it would be to live in a world that has collapsed resources are Inadequate, and others want what you want.

A settlement LARP

The Post-Apocalyptic part is perhaps the easiest to define.

Sunfall takes place in the autumn of mankind´s time here on earth. And while it is definitely our planet, some things are not the same in this apocalyptic world. For one thing, mutants may be found in the wastelands. Raiders trouble the unwary or weak. Radiation sickness is an ever-present threat.

These changes and others, require our players to modify their normal behavior, to immerse themselves in the scenario. Keep in mind during play, that our world and the experiences in it are Shared among all participating players. The rules are set up as a framework to ensure that at the most basic levels, the gameplay should feel tense, dangerous, but not physically unsafe.

Of course, as stated in the rules, player groups can give consent between themselves to disregard some of the safety rules, when working out play between those two (or more) groups. As an example, two groups may agree before play begins, that anything that can be physically from the camp of either group, may be stolen. As long as both groups are explicitly fine with this, the play is within the framework of the rules. When dealing with other groups, the players will still need to abide by the standard ruleset. One player’s game experience should not ruin another player’s game experience.

Because inside Sunfalls tough-as-nails business-folk, backyard bullies, and dastardly desperados, are our players. So while not all relations may go as you had planned, no relation should make you want to pack up your gear and go home. If you find yourself being frustrated or cornered off-game during play, you can always use the safe word, OFF GAME, to stop play and deal with the situation out of character. The final part of the concept, Settlement Simulator, is partly enforced by the physical framework of the scenario, and partly by the type of experience we are looking to share with you. While some big-screen movies have used high-octane car chases as a foundation, we want to dial down the speed and dial-up the player interactions.

Politicians, gangs, business owners, gang members, shady societies, and beauty parlor owners are all part of what makes Sunfall one of the most varied LARP experiences in Denmark. So let’s dive into this fantastic universe together and try to survive until tomorrow

The city of Wonderland

The city is called Wonderland and is a settlement for people that together are trying to survivor the apocalypse.

The surrounding lands

The lands have never been rich, but Wonderland its new status as a hub for the people is changing things.

People fleeing to the new city have attracted several groups of raiders and scavengers, taking advantage of the needy.




Many have sought the secrets of Rad-eX and many believed to have found them. But with the Change came something that changed the way things works.

The many homebrewed versions of Rad-eX started to react, some report that it triggers violent and massive mutations other than that it causes death.

One thing is sure, the people will only touch RadeX from a clean source and condemn the ones experimenting with this needed medication.

Do not let them divide us! No person should need to be registered. High Rads need help not discrimination and persecution.

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