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Our event takes the security and safety of our participants seriously, so please respect our security and safety personnel and our rules. They are there for a reason and for your safety.

Here are some safety rules

Goodnight time

The game area is open 24/7, off-game area outside for tents is for sleeping only. Keeping the area clean As players, you are responsible to remove everything you bring from the location again. If you buy something in-game, this also becomes your responsibility to make sure it leaves the location when Sunfall is over. Insurance We point out that you are not covered by any insurance at the event, by Sunfall.

Please check that you have accident insurance that is covered 24/7.

For the location’s insurance, we need all participants, volunteers, and organizers to be members of the Wonder studios.

So upon arrival, you will need to fill out a form and after the event, you can cancel the membership if you want via