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What happend up to the Apocalypse


This timeline outlines the progressive challenges and adaptations humanity faces in Sunfall from 2020 to approximately 2170, highlighting the severe impacts of climate change on ecosystems, weather patterns, and human society.

2020 - 2030

Global warming has been measured by an increase of degrees celsius since the 1950’s. 

Despite several cries for action, governments failed to adapt pro-actively to global warming. Therefore, the worst case scenario ensued.

2031 - 2070

The Beginning of Ecosystem Collapse 

Event: Initial destabilization of land-based ecosystems due to rising temperatures. 

Impact: Approximately 18% of species go extinct as global temperatures rise to 2 degrees Celsius warmer by 2040. 

Survival: Only the most basic and hardy plants and animals remain, with human populations heavily reduced but persisting.

2071 - 2100

Escalating Climate Crises

Event: Temperatures continue to rise, reaching a 5 degrees Celsius increase by 2110. 

Impact: By this time, 48% of species have died out, leading to further breakdown of ecosystems. 

Human Condition: Humans adapt to harsh living conditions, with innovative agricultural techniques like hydroponics and massive greenhouses becoming essential.

2101 - 2140

Severe Weather and Rising Waters 

Event: Regular severe weather events, including storms, floods, wildfires, and droughts, become common. 

Impact: These conditions make traditional living and agriculture increasingly difficult, causing massive international migration and reshaping global coastlines as sea levels rise. 

Survival Strategies: Communities employ creative ways to secure food supplies and maintain habitable environments.

2141 - 2170

Heat and Radiation Challenges

Event: Ozone layer decay exposes the Earth to more UV radiation and heat. 

Impact: Increased risks of heatstroke, skin cancer, and eye conditions like blindness become prevalent. 

Protection: Necessity of protective clothing, hats, shades, and medications like Radaway and Rad-X to combat cancer and manage body temperature.


Societal and Technological Decay 

Event: Permanent maintenance technologies and systems reliant on continuous upkeep disappear. 

Impact: Societal collapse leads to the reliance on older technology or devices made from spare parts. 

Adaptation: Humans adapt to a new world where technology from before the collapse is either preserved or ingeniously repurposed.